Downfall 7"

by Better Not Born

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All songs by Better Not Born.
Recorded at Filthy Rat Studios in March 2012 by Antti Pekkanen.
Mixed and mastered by Santtu Rosen.

Antti (drums), Mikko (guitar), Petteri (guitar), Sami (bass, vocals), Sampo (vocals)


released May 26, 2012

by Filthy Rat Records



all rights reserved


Better Not Born Helsinki, Finland

Antti (guitar)
Petteri (guitar)
Sami (bass, vox)
Sampo (vox)
Tommi (drums)

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Track Name: Tyrants
from birth to grave the tyranny keeps sweeping
the light is paved as they keep on slaughtering
human rights are a thorn in their routine
we all should be part of the machine

tyrants, your time will come
cough up what you have done
the oppression will be gone

the love from above has always been rotten
as the sense of moral is lost and forgotten
their greed for control arises from their fear
ignorance and blindness shows that dead-end is near

let the intolerance burn
like the churches of downturn
when they're all in flames
maybe this will be a better place
Track Name: Birth, Work, Death
we begin with full of hope
and retire choked on the rope
voices are screaming for
everlasting continuation
from father to son
we repeat the mistakes that we have done
legacy is our burden
with taste of death it's taken

bury your shadow
before it's too late

don't face the gallow
which is built by yesterday

the screenplay is done before
just to slave even more and more
no sympathy for the weak
or at least so it has always been
like the silk road's plague
they only desire to degenerate
after our fall
there's young blood behind the door

birth, work, death
Track Name: No-one
I crucify my lying heart
and crawl among the thieves
rusty nails of the brutal truth
make my sins bleed

this time there's no one to save me - no-one
this time there's no one to blame me - no-one
except me

I purify my stained soul
and join the rite of liars
pile of skulls beneath my feet
reminds that this is fucking real

there is no-one who saves
there is no-one who blames
Track Name: Freefall
freefall through the smoke and dust
still believing in the bonds of trust
loyalty follows thru the very end
we're not weak we just have to bend

we keep our feelings in our hearts
our lives binding with their paths
giving up is not an option, now I know
must fight for hope or let go
must fight for hope or let fucking go

we keep our secrets locked inside
the demons took over, the flame dies
must face the fear that kept the pain
I failed before but I won't fail again